APIS DEVELOPPEMENT places shared areas at the disposal of the hosted companies:



Our receptionists welcome visitors and make them wait in a special lounge.





Lunch room

It is fitted with two refrigerators, two microwave ovens, a water fountain, a hot drink and snacks dispenser.







for eating outside during the summer.





Business Magazines, News papers and documentation
are also available in the  waiting rooms and in the  documentation room.




Companies also have access to the following equipment:

  • -    Colour copy machine and scanner
    -    Shredder
    -    Paper cutter
    -    Binding machine
    -    Franking machine
    -    Paper folder
    -    Video projector
    -    Trolley

  • The secured  private car park has 90 parking spaces.

    A lift and reserved spaces in the car park makes
    the entire building accessible for persons with reduced mobility.
    There is a tennis court and showers for sports buffs to relax during the day.