Additional services

In addition to mail receipt, companies with their professional address on our premises are offered other services:
•    Meeting room rental
•    Telephone Answering Service (per month) :
-    Subscription to a dedicated telephone line with voice messaging: €20 net of VAT
-    Customised reception with messages taken by a receptionist : €107 net of VAT
(Unlimited calls, from 8:30 AM to 6 PM Mondays through Thursdays and from 8:30 AM to 5 PM on Fridays)

They may also access the additional services below that are not included in the incubator or business development centre package
Services IN ADDITION TO THE incubator or business development CENTRE package

Mail collection service
Franking: Applicable rates +15%
Bulk mail: Applicable rates +10%
Express courier mail in France, outside France: operator's rates

Fax (per page) :
Transmittal  €0.15 net of VAT
Receipt: €0.30 net of VAT
Unlimited monthly package: €7 net of VAT per month

Photocopy / Laser printing (per page)
A4 Format (B&W): €0.06 net of VAT
A4 Format (colour): €0.28 net of VAT
> 500 colour copies/prints/month: €0.23 net of VAT
> 1000 colour copies/prints/month: €0.20 net of VAT

A4 format (B&N or colour) : €0.05 net of VAT
Per page: €4.50 net of VAT
Per hour: €25 net of VAT

Rental of furniture kit:
Desk + chair + cabinet + cupboard: €25 net of VAT / month

Half-size filing cabinet: €30 net of VAT / month