Access to the premises as a business development centre come in the form of packages, just like the business incubator, and depend on the size of offices rented.

The fixed-rate package comprises the Hosting and Services described in the Hosting, but does not include assistance and advices, which are reserved for companies under four years.

Office size ranges between 12 and 35 m² with the possibility of adjusting several modules thanks to removable partitions.

The sample rates given below each correspond to "standard" configurations. Naturally, the incubator proposes a wider range of surfaces, depending on the number of modules and their respective sizes.

1 module hosting (12 m²) with services:                   € 565 net of VAT/month
1 module hosting (19 m²) with services:                   € 720 net of VAT/month
50 m² hosting (2 x 25 m² module) with services:      € 1430 net of VAT/month

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There are settling-in expenses consisting of integration costs and management costs (€150 net of VAT) as well as the cost of activating telephone and Internet services (€75 net of VAT).
A deposit is required and  corresponds to three months of rent.

Electricity is charged depending on the area occupied at €2.56 net of VAT per m² per month.

Hosted companies are connected to the incubator's reception with a customised reception.

For outgoing calls, the cost of the telephone subscription with DDI with 20 hours of local or national calls is €20 net of VAT per month. After this amount, telephone calls are billed by the second depending on destination.

The subscription costs €7 net of VAT per additional line.

CISCO IP telephones can be leased at monthly rates:
CISCO 7911G :     €7.50 net of VAT
CISCO 7931G :     €11.50 net of VAT
CISCO 7941G :     €11.50 net of VAT
CISCO 7942G :     €12.50 net of VAT
CISCO 7945G :     €15 net of VAT
box for ATA analog connection: €8 net of VAT

Business development centre rates also apply to subsidiaries of foreign groups that do not wish for business start-up assistance.

Services not included in the package are also available. Find out the current rates in Other Services.

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